Marrow Registry

Marrow Registry

SRBC’s Registry for Marrow Donors

In 1990, the Stewart Regional Registry for Marrow Donors was established as a donor center for the National Marrow Donor Program.  To date, our registry has matched 40 marrow donors with recipients from all over the world.

A Life Saving Procedure

When doctors completed the first successful bone marrow transplant in 1968, their discovery charted a new course for the treatment of leukemia, aplastic anemia and many other life-threatening blood diseases.  Rigorous treatment using chemotherapy and/or radiation kills cancerous cells, but also kills bone marrow, which contains stem cells.  It is the stem cells within the transplanted bone marrow that allow these patients to grow healthy new immune systems, without which they will most certainly die.

This breakthrough gave critically ill people an option that never existed before.  Although many of these potentially fatal diseases go into remission, they will eventually claim the lives of the victims. Thousands of patients who did not have a matching donor in their families have received marrow transplants from volunteer donors.  Stem cell transplant options are increasing as medical advancements provide additional sources, such as peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC).

The National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP) provides marrow and blood stem cell transplants for patients with leukemia and other life-threatening blood diseases.  Currently, more than 1,400 patients receive transplants through the NMDP each year.  However, the number of patients who could benefit from this live-saving treatment is several times greater, and the NMDP is working to close the gap.

To join the Stewart Regional Marrow Registry, contact Janie Malone, Coordinator at (903) 535-5409 or [email protected] .

Our Mission
“To Provide a safe and sufficient blood supply to the community”

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