Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Stewart Regional Blood Center:
“To provide a safe and sufficient blood supply to the community.”

Our Philosophy

Stewart Regional Blood Center is guided by the philosophy that community blood donations should benefit community patients, and that blood centers must be responsive to the community, which supports them. Stewart Blood Center is governed by a board of trustees drawn from local leaders, including medical professionals, hospital administrators, and business and civic leaders. SRBC’s highest priority is meeting the needs of our community.

What We Do

Stewart Regional Blood Center is the primary provider of blood components and transfusion services for approximately 30 Texas health care facilities. These facilities include our region’s hospitals, central trauma centers, major cancer centers, and transplant centers.

Last year, Stewart Regional Blood Center provided over 35,000 blood and blood components for area patients.

Stewart Regional Blood Center offers blood donors and patients many convenient donation opportunities at any of our six fixed site facilities. We also operate an average of 3 daily blood drives in the community. To meet the needs of our patients, we must register about 150 blood donors each day.

Our Mission
“To Provide a safe and sufficient blood supply to the community”

(800) 252-5584

815 South Baxter Avenue, Tyler, Texas 75701

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